April 24, 2018

What are the Most Expensive Spa Treatments?

People would always invest a lot just for the sake of their beauty and wellness. This is fairly true. But the thing is, would you still invest for a treatment if it is priced more than you can imagine? Do you think these treatments would be worth the value? This article would relatively feature the most expensive treatments you could try. These treatments are particularly expensive because of the materials used in the treatment. Moreover, spa establishments offering the treatments assure that the effects could be conveyed perfect for relaxing body treatment.

There are different costly treatments for you, you could simply take the following as choices:

  • Foot Scuba

This is actually a perfect treat for people looking for a perfect foot massage. This treatment is offered in California where you would own your feet like never before. This procedure would naturally cost you to pay for $200. The treatment promises a perfect experience in chocolate strawberry ruffle bath.

  • Gold Mask Treatment

This is unusually expensive but if you would just realize it, its gold we’re talking about here. This is actually the most famous treatment in America. The treatment would include the use of gold powder which would be poured and left on your face for an hour. This treatment is made because of the hypothesis that gold would provide better skin hydration as well as facial hair growth support through supplements. This would cost you $400.

  • Royal Back Rub

This treatment could be found at Shanghai’s Bund Five Spa Oasis. The treatment would include you a great dip in bath of heavy oil and water. After which, you would be provided with a map of wine all over. Then, you would be oiled by two cone heads all over the crevices they could possibly find. The fun would soon end with the common body wrap and cool facial. This would be paid for $451.

  • Prototype Marine Rub

This is actually offered by Chicago Elysian Hotel. This would be an ancient body rub treatment.  You would be a treatment with a bath of mineral water. After which, you would have a perfect liquid therapy with relaxation class. Then, there would be a gel makeover for you that relatively smooths the skin. This would cost $300.

  • Luxurious Five

This treatment is very expensive and is offered in Japan. This treatment would somehow include the foot ceremony as well as traditional Japan massage treatments. There would also be a treat of facial with flower petals and cucumbers. The treatment would be done in a room full of great, relaxing ambiance. This is a sure treat full of surprises with a price of $665.

These treatments would certainly worth your every penny. You could actually see how relaxation is proposed and perfectly given consideration. A treatment with these options would be a once in a lifetime joy you would not find anywhere. This is not a waste of money since you would certainly find everything relaxing, relieving, as well as helpful in your overall wellness.

Unique Spa Treatment Of All Time

Relaxing for a while would certainly reward you a lot. Keep in mind that you should also give way to relaxing your mind and body every now and then. Your body would always need a treat and this would help it be conditioned every now and then. Even if you are very busy at work, you should still give way to calming yourself down. Take note that you are not a tireless robot that could do all things in one period. Moreover, it is safer to relax for some time since working too hard could trigger more health problems.

If you want to relax for some time, why don’t you try visiting a spa? This is a one great treat once in a while. You should know that the spa treatments are very rewarding for your overall health. Not all of the treatments are concerned with how you would look good. Rather, it would also be about how you would release stress, pressure, as well as tension in every point in your body. There should be no hesitation to this spa treatment advice. Keep in mind that there are more and more spa treatments being made for better health wellness.

Here are some of the best treatments that you would uniquely find to be accommodating:

  • Fish Pedicure

This is very perfect for people who want to find a fun way of conditioning one’s feet for an hour or two. This is very unusual and had been offered in London and then spread over the different countries inspired by the treatment. This treatment would allow you to giggle with the great work of 150 fish in exfoliating your feet. The fishes are called Garra Rufa fish. These little creatures have no teeth that they could nibble away dead skins.

  • Snake Massage

This method of treatment would be a very creepy spa treatment for most people. This type massage is actually offered in Israel. According to the one implemented the treatment, snake massage would be giving you a calming massage experience. Moreover, there would be an effective joint alleviation to be done.

  • Cactus Massage

This massage is perfectly great to try. It is unique and has been a craze as it became popular from Mexico. This massage treatment would certainly provide you the great experience of letting a spine-free cactus rub your back.

  • Golden Facial

Have you heard of the rumor that Cleopatra slept with a gold mask every night to maintain a healthy and young skin? Now you can see that this is effectively true. This is certainly an expensive treatment that would include application of paper thin squares of 24 carat gold on your face.

These crazy yet unique spa treatments would certainly please you a lot. If you think revolutionary developments are for techy gadgets only, then think it over again. Spa treatment has just leveled it up. Try these treatments now and see how it could give you relaxing treat in a greater extent.